Motion pictures, as one of the fastest moving art forms, has the greatest capacity to touch and teach humans. 

Working at an epicenter of art and commerce, in a niche corner of independent film production Lorraine’s work as Director of Production at Film Finances, Inc is rooted in issuing completion guarantees, also known as a completion bonds, where she vets and manages production budgets, schedules and finance plans. Successfully working across teams of industry leaders, talent, production vendors, sales agents, distributors, bankers and lawyers she has been involved in the production and delivery of hundreds, close to a thousand titles, ranging from feature films, documentaries, television series and movie-of-the-weeks. With an experiential reach in six continents on project budgets ranging from $1,000,000 to $300,000,000 over the last nine years Lorraine by trade is an expert at budgeting, estimating, scheduling and project management with specialization in cashflow modeling. When cutting to the bone Lorraine is a creative with a knack for numbers, a love of organizational design and possess a keen sense of leadership.

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