Hello! Lorraine Dowty is an artist with a passion for painting, a love of interior design and a knack for the numbers. Fascinated by the fact some of us can't not read text when confronted with it and inspired by silver linings she creates all sorts of things with her hands and works with others to make a lot of movies. Above all, she strives to make art that teaches, touches and can be shared easily with others. In her hometown of Portland, Oregon Lorraine's film production career started in 2008, today she currently is an executive at Film Finances, Inc. Click for professional history HERE. It’s around her homes in Los Angleles and Big Bear Lake, California, while living as a mere mortal, Lorraine paints, draws, makes jewelry, has started to keep a collection of unique furniture and is known to craft a mighty neat letter + musical mix that arrives by snail mail.

So, write Y or N if you have a CD player to the below to get free postcards sent back! 

Lorraine Dowty                    

P.O. Box 26010                          

Los Angeles, California          

90026  USA


Shop by emailing for an availble artworks list or inquire about some you fancy on the ART page.

Commission something special by fessing up to a “one-liner” that be great to look at on a wall near you or give away, perhaps needing a hand with a home styling project or a big fun creative one of a wild nature, let’s talk about how we can bring your vision to fruition. 

Collaborate to make cool things together for fun or pro-bono, I’m down to clown!

For all inquiries write to her above or drop a line by e-mail: LODOWT @ GMAIL.COM